Youth and Teen Dance Classes

Youth and Teen Dance Classes

ODC School Youth & Teen Program

Embark on a journey of creativity and movement! Located in San Francisco’s Mission District at the ODC Campus, the ODC School Youth & Teen Program is a creative hub for ages 2–18. Students will be challenged and delighted by dance technique classes and performance opportunities in a supportive and body-positive environment.

From dynamic dance classes to imaginative intensives, young people will have a blast moving and shaking in age-appropriate, and FUN dance programs for all levels. Throughout the year, our curriculum offers creative movement, contemporary, hip hop, ballet, tap, composition, choreography and more!

Please submit a Youth & Teen Program Info/Enrollment Form so we can help you get started with communication and registration. Text the Youth & Teen Program or request a callback: 707-653-5541. Enrollment continues for available classes after the start of each session. 

Scholarship Opportunities Available: APPLY HERE

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Youth & Teen Summer Program

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Calendar of Events: 2024/2025 Season

June 1, 2024
Registration starts for the 2024/25 school year
August 13, 2024
Virtual Info Session. Please RSVP online
July 9, 2023, 1:00-3:00pm
SEEDS, Teen Hip Hop Dance Company Audition
August 22, 2024
Parent/Guardian Open House
August 22, 2024
Placement Classes* pre-registration required
August 27 , 2024, 4-6 pm
Dance Jam, Teen Contemporary Dance Company Audition
pre-registration required
August 30, 2024
Scholarship Applications due
September 7, 2024
Fall Session begins
September 11, 2024, 4:30-6pm
SEEDS, Teen Hip Hop Dance Company Audition
pre-registration required
September 28, 2024 3:00-6:00 pm
The Velveteen Rabbit Audition
pre-registration required
November 1, 2024
Registration opens for Spring & Summer 2025 classes
November 25 - December 1, 2024
Fall Break – No Youth & Teen classes
November 30 - December 15, 2024
The Velveteen Rabbit performances
December 8, 2024
December Showcase
December 15, 2024
Fall Session ends
December 16, 2024 - January 10, 2025
Winter Break
January 11, 2025
Spring Session begins
April 12 - 13, 2025
Dance Jam Home Season
May 3 - 4, 2025
May Showcase & Step Onstage Performances
May 17 - 18, 2025
Seeds Home Season
May 18, 2025
Spring Session ends, last day of classes.
June 7 - July 27, 2025
Summer Programs


School Policies

  • Registration Information

    ODC is dedicated to the lifecycle of the artistic process and aims to inspire audiences, cultivate artists, engage community, and foster diversity and inclusion through dance. ODC believes that just as the benefits of a dance class extend beyond the classroom, so does the learning. A $60 Beyond the Classroom Registration Fee is charged at the time of enrollment to all students to provide additional opportunities to cultivate the complete dancer. This fee not only helps cover administrative costs and health & safety procedures, but includes a ticket to select ODC productions. It helps us provide teacher training sessions and school open house days. Depending on the student’s class and level, this fee will also help cover in-house field trips, student evaluations, props and materials for classroom use, production costs for performance opportunities, added rehearsals, and special programming throughout the school year. Details on ticket redemption will be released at the beginning of the school year.

    Some classes qualify for a 10% tuition discount, which is available to students taking multiple classes in a session or siblings who are enrolling simultaneously. Classes with built-in discounts, as well as performance classes, do not qualify for discounts. Registration is conducted on a first come, first served basis. Please register early, as many classes fill up. To register, please contact the ODC Youth & Teen Program administrative staff directly at or text 707-653-5541 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also request a callback by texting this number. Please allow 24-72 hours for a response. Thank you!

    Fall, Spring, & Academic Year-Long Program

    Students in the Young Creative Program (ages 2-7) can select classes based on age and interest, and can choose to register for either the Fall Session, or Spring Session. Classes in the Youth & Teen Program (ages 8-18) are structured to develop over the course of the academic school year. Students remain with the same class and level for both the Fall and Spring Sessions. Cross-training in different dance modalities is encouraged in our program for our students to develop their full potential. Prorated Spring only tuition is available for those joining us in January.

  • Absences

    Class attendance is crucial for a successful experience at ODC School. To report an absence, please email or by texting (707) 653-5541. If an extenuating circumstance, injury, or sensitive personal matter arises, please contact the ODC School Youth & Teen Program administrative staff directly. We do not offer make-up classes in the Youth & Teen Program.

  • Payment Plans

    For classes that require academic year-long enrollment, the ODC Youth & Teen Program offers two types of payment plans. A current credit card must be provided and stored on-file in order to participate.

     • Two-Payment Plan: first payment due at time of registration, second payment due January 15, 2022 (5% service fee added to tuition).
     • Nine-Payment Plan: first payment due at time of registration, following eight payments automatically charged on the 15th of every month from October, 2022 through May, 2023 (10% service fee added to tuition). 

  • Refunds & Mid-Year Withdrawal

    There are no refunds. Please select classes carefully! If a student becomes ill, injured, or is otherwise unable to remain in the program, an online withdrawal
    form must be completed. The remaining tuition amount will be credited to your ODC account for future use.

  • Trial Classes

    Prospective students may do a trial class at the beginning of the Fall or Spring Sessions. Trial classes are subject to availability and must be arranged in advance with ODC School staff.

  • Parent Observation

    Parent observations are only available on designated days, which are scheduled in advance by ODC staff and faculty. Observations are announced via email notification in the weeks prior to the set date for each class and usually take place toward the end of the Fall and Spring sessions.

  • Dress Code

    Young Creative: Form-fitting clothing and bare feet. No jeans or tutus. Welcome to Hip Hop requires sneakers (sneakers must be reserved for studio use only in order to protect our floors from dirt).

    Contemporary: Form-fitting clothing that shows the body – solid color leggings with a solid color leotard or tank top. Classes are taken barefoot. Further instruction on the preferred attire will be given by the teacher at the start of the session.

    Ballet: Pink convertible tights with solid color leotard based on the student’s level. Ballet slippers. Or, white, black, or solid color t-shirt/tank top based on the student’s level. Black, gray, flesh-tone tights, or leggings. Ballet slippers.

    Youth Intro to Technique, Teen Intro to Technique, and Teen Ballet II: black

    Pre-Ballet: pastels

    Ballet I: pink Ballet II: light blue Ballet III: dark blue Ballet IV: green

    Ballet V: red or purple Ballet VI: classic leotard in any solid color.

    Further instruction on the preferred attire will be given by the teacher at the start of the session.

    All other classes: Form-fitting clothing. No skirts, jeans, or baggy clothing. Sneakers for Hip Hop (sneakers must be reserved for studio use only in order to protect our floors from dirt). Tap shoes for Tap classes. Dance Around the World will have specific requests according to the style being studied. Details will be announced by the teacher during class. If you have questions about the dress code, or would like to explore different options, please contact Youth & Teen Program staff directly.

  • Placements

    For students of ballet and/or contemporary who are enrolled in the year-long program (ages 8+), instructors will decide upon individual student placement for the following year. The placement decision will be sent to you by the school staff before the start of enrollment for the following school year. All placement decisions are made at the discretion and professional opinion of faculty, and take into account the best interest and progression of the student.

  • Prospective Students

    For prospective teen students with prior experience in ballet and/or contemporary who wish to continue their training with the ODC Youth & Teen Program, a placement class is required. Students must pre-register for the placement class, scheduled for August 24, 2023. The fee for the placement class is $30. Prospective students in ages 9-11 with previous experience will be placed by school staff on a case-by-case basis. Other students can select an appropriate class based on age and interest. Spring enrollment is available on a case by case basis in year-long classes. Please ask us about available classes.

  • Policy of Inclusion

    ODC staff and faculty instill a culture of inclusion and kindness in the studio from the very start of the session. The ODC Youth & Teen Program has a zero-tolerance policy pertaining to bullying or exclusion of any kind.

  • Student Conduct

    Students are expected to attend all classes and are strongly encouraged to participate in performances. Students must arrive promptly for class, wearing proper attire, and be prepared, respectful, and eager to learn. Any form of inappropriate behavior will jeopardize participation in the Youth & Teen Program.

  • Arts Access Scholarship Information

    Scholarships are awarded to students based on financial need, motivation, and commitment. Scholarships are available to students (ages 8+) who seek to enroll for the academic year-long program. Scholarship students are held to high expectations of commitment, attendance, and behavior. Inconsistent attendance will jeopardize a student’s scholarship status. Scholarship information and applications are available here. Please contact with questions. 

    Deadline for scholarship application submission for Fall 2023: September 1, 2023. Spring 2024, December 1, 2023

  • Información en español

    Para obtener información acerca del programa de niños y jóvenes de la escuela ODC, por favor envíe un mensaje a Las becas están disponibles: la solicitud de beca se puede encontrar aquí.

Accessibility at ODC

ODC is ADA Accessible. Additional wheelchair seating is provided for select shows. Getting to second floor studios in the ODC Dance Commons and ODC Theater involves riding an elevator or climbing one flight of stairs. The majority of the ODC Annex is carpeted. ODC Theater and ODC Annex restrooms are All-Gender, and in the ODC Dance Commons, All-Gender restrooms are located on the second floor. For all ODC/Dance and ODC Theater presented performances, ASL is provided for shows with performed text for at least one performance during the show run.

Land Acknowledgement

ODC is on the ancestral lands of the Ramaytush People in Yelamu. We pay respects to elders past and present, who are still here and part of our community. We recognize that regenerative land management is not new, but is a continuation of practices from Native cultures and from our own ancestors. It is our responsibility to steward the land with care, as our elders did before us.