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Support ODC

Over the past 50 years, ODC has grown into one of the most important centers for contemporary dance on the west coast with programs serving more than 50,000 audience members, 1,000 professional artists, 700 fee-free diagnostic clinic participants, and 16,000 multi-generational students taking movement class each year. We employ over 200 artists, teachers, musicians and cultural workers each year across our 2-building dance campus in San Francisco's Mission District.

ODC’s artistic, education, wellness, and community programs are made possible through the generous contributions of our donors: individuals, corporations, foundations and government agencies.

Your investment allows ODC to lay the foundation for a resilient and sustainable future.

Your support will:

  • Bring kids back to dance class
  • Connect seniors to their community
  • Create more opportunities for faculty members to teach
  • Spark creative possibilities for a choreographer
  • Provide hard-hit artists with the chance to dance again

We invite you to join our diverse community of supporters.

The Impact of Your Gift

Thank you to ODC for everything you do. I love the studios and the community, which have immeasurably improved my life. – ODC Donor

By making a contribution, you make ODC’s work possible:

  • Artistic Director & Founder Brenda Way, ODC School Director Kimi Okada, ODC Fellow KT Nelson, and Resident Choreographer Kate Weare continue to choreograph new work that reflects the aesthetic and social values of our time
  • ODC engages an extraordinary group of dancers, faculty, accompanists, and other artists to deliver a broad range of programs for the community
  • Innovative artists are supported through commissioning, presenting, mentorship, and access to space and other important resources such as digital capture and broadcast
  • The community is provided with opportunities to convene with others and connect with their own creativity, inspiration and well-being

Together, we can preserve, support and nurture the important human connections within this rich ecosystem.

  • Individual Giving

    Every gift makes a difference. Your donation helps to ensure that ODC can realize and embrace fully our mission to inspire audiences, cultivate artists, engage community, and foster diversity and inclusion through dance.

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  • Institutional Giving

    Support from our corporate, foundation and government agency funders helps ODC to maintain a standard of artistic excellence, sustain our campus as a resilient and vital asset for the community, and provide greater access to our diverse programming for all.

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  • ODC Legacy Circle

    Pass on your passion for dance and the arts and join ODC’s Legacy Circle by making a planned gift. Legacy Circle members help ensure that ODC can continue to enrich lives through the power of movement for generations to come.

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  • Financials and Donor Privacy Policy

    ODC is committed to operating with transparency and values protecting the integrity and privacy of personal information for all of our supporters. Our financials are made readily available to the public and our donor privacy policy means that you can make a gift to ODC with the full confidence that your data remains secure.
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